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The Flash
Agents of SHIELD


Ms. Marvel (2014)
Legendary star lord
The Flash



Eddie Brock (Sam Witwer), reporter for the Daily Bugle, has taken risks which have done nothing but benefit him. Brock takes an opportunity after a mysterious serial killer, claiming to be the Sin-Eater, contacts him, which prompts Eddie into writing a front-page exclusive on the story. Despite going viral, the same day, Spider-Man reveals the true identity of the Sin-Eater, ending Brock’s career. Disgraced and overwhelmed by his shame and hatred, Brock chooses to commit suicide. Visiting a Church to beg forgiveness from God for this mortal sin, he was unaware of another nearby struggle, Spider-Man’s own inner demons. Using church bells to separate himself from his alien suit, the symbiote, bonds with Eddie, drawn by his despair, adrenaline and fierce hate, on which it fed along with its own hatred overwhelmed the compassion the alien had acquired from Spider-Man, bond to create a new vengeful entity: Venom.

"You belittled us—ruined us…but don’t worry about it, we have much better plans for you in mind…Peter.” Eddie reveals to Peter during their first interaction in their alter egos. 

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BATMAN FANCASTING: requested by absentlyabbie

It’s a reminder that our father has shown us both sides of himself, Damian. Just as we have shown him ours. This batarang belonged to our father. Remember, we are a Wayne first, and an al Ghul second.

arsalan ghasemi as damian wayne/robin v/batman iv 

Note: There’s an unfortunate tendency to whitewash Damian even though he’s of Asian and Middle Eastern descent through Talia and Ra’s al Ghul. Plus this shows that it’s possible for a POC to have blue eyes.

Assassins + Birds


an angry fancast series because we deserve more women in marvel/dc movies: [3/?]

↳ ruth negga as zatanna zatara

             she begins as a stage magician, following her father’s craft, performing each motion without his instruction. somehow she always manages to tweak his technique until she outshadows him. that doesn’t stop them from rocketing to stardom, though, or as much stardom as two magicians can have.

            after he disappears (god, she hears so many fucking jokes about his true talent as a magician), she grieves until she can’t anymore. finally, she accepts an offer to headline her own show, only this time the magic comes far too easily: she keeps pulling rabbits out of hats, shoes, purses, anything; doves fly out of every door she opens; one of her assistants seems to have lost her torso.

            (she still searches for her father. they never did find his body. one day, a tall, well-muscled woman shows up on her front step wearing what can best be described as functional armor. wow, i wasn’t expecting a guest appearance. did we schedule you? zatanna laughs. we know where your father is, the woman replies. who’s we? you don’t mean—? zatanna takes a step back, but she’s smiling. so is the invisible jet parked nearby? in response, the woman just laughs and laughs.)

kamala khan + team-ups

why on god's green earth would we see kelley in a batman vs superman movie? THIS IS A SUPERMAN MOVIE!! not Dark Knight Returns the movie and she's too goddamn old.

i grew up on the old batman films so little me would have loved a female robin, and 19 year old me still loves the idea. so i personally would love to see carrie in bvs


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Shao Jun (1505 – unknown) was a member of the Chinese Brotherhood of Assassins. A former concubine of Emperor Zhengde, she was rescued by the Assassins after the emperor’s death, and devoted her life to the Order as a result.


dewitten’s video game female character meme:

      ↳ day one: a protag ➩ Chell (Portal 2)


Hi, friends, so I’ve been wanting to do one of these for awhile now but I never knew what to give away. But I finally subscribed to Loot Crate yesterday and it looks so cool and I wanted to share it with someone else, also Steam games are fun. The prizes are going to be different based on whether or not you live in the US because it costs twice as much for a 3 month sub for international orders.

First Place: 
US Winner:
  • 3 month subscription to Loot Crate ($49-$55)
  • $35 Steam game(s) of your choice (if you don’t have Steam or would prefer a console game, we can work something out through Amazon or w/e)
Int’l Winner:
  • 3 month subscription to Loot Crate ($99) [Loot Crate will ONLY ship int’l gift subscriptions to: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, & UK] If you live outside those countries/don’t want Loot Crate, we can make other arrangements through Steam/Amazon (must include shipping with the $99)

Second Place:

  • $30 Steam game(s) of your choice

Third Place:

  • $15 Steam game(s) of your choice


  1. Must be following me (If you were already following me before the giveaway, you’re automatically added 3 times)
  2. Reblogs only, you can like this post to save, but only reblogs count
  3. Reblog as many times as you want, 1 reblog/1 entry
  4. No giveaway/inactive blogs
  5. DO NOT spam your followers, please be courteous
  6. MUST be comfortable giving me your address (I have to have it for LC/Amazon)
  7. Ask your parents for permission if you’re under 18.

Winners will be chosen using a random generator

  • You’ll be sent a message and you have 48 hours to respond or else someone else will be chosen
  • You MUST add me on Steam
  • For LC wins, I’ll need your shirt size so you’ll need to provide it.

***Loot Crate ships out on the 20th of every month so you won’t be getting the first package until around the end of November.***

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me


GIVEAWAY ENDS NOVEMBER 5. Good luck friends!

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I'm not gonna lie to you, it's expensive as hell. But check this out. We told this test subject to just go ahead and try to land on her head.’


seduce me w/ video game soundtracks

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